Avani Does My Makeup In The Hype House!

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Nick Austin

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Avani Does My Makeup In The Hype House!
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Breanna Scott
Breanna Scott 10 dagen geleden
hello there
hello there 4 dagen geleden
Dinae Nason
Dinae Nason 15 dagen geleden
im just saying avani and nick are literally so cute, i soooo ship them maybe even a little bit more than her and anthony
Yogurt Central
Yogurt Central 15 dagen geleden
Nick:my celebrity crush is Ariana grande Me:Oop she do be married tho
charsvids 28 dagen geleden
omg the plain part bahahahhahhahhah
C.T.B.C Plays
C.T.B.C Plays 29 dagen geleden
Nick: I will be single for the rest of my life How’s Madison Nick?😭
Aislinn Gray
Aislinn Gray 29 dagen geleden
“2020 is gonna be the best year” Yup it sure was- 😁😉🙃😛
David Dobbs
David Dobbs Maand geleden
You look cute in the makeup. 2020 is a crazy year.
Leonor Seabra
Leonor Seabra Maand geleden
him saying that he will be single forever and now he dates Madisson Beer (26/03/21)
Lucy Provonsha
Lucy Provonsha Maand geleden
Silje Ranch
Silje Ranch Maand geleden
ChelseyFaulkner Maand geleden
“I’ll be single for the rest of my life” ends up with THEEE Madison Beer
Osran Tiramisu
Osran Tiramisu Maand geleden
Hahaha nick is a girl nick is not a gir🤣🤣😂😂
Bianka Romanska
Bianka Romanska Maand geleden
Sorry, but i ship you guys😁
Bianka Romanska
Bianka Romanska Maand geleden
Chloe Caldwell
Chloe Caldwell 2 maanden geleden
Hi 2021 people
Esmeralda Murati
Esmeralda Murati 2 maanden geleden
2021 anyone?!
asdfg123 2 maanden geleden
i'm from the future and mr "i will be single for the rest of my life" is now dating Madison Beer
Cloudy angels Billy leau
Cloudy angels Billy leau Maand geleden
Could be lol
Aliyah Mackay
Aliyah Mackay 2 maanden geleden
Nick Austin once said”ummm...ok”
Shalinie Bhageloe
Shalinie Bhageloe 2 maanden geleden
Nick your not gonna be single cus when you 30 and i,m 20 where gonna date no jk i,m ugly but this here is not my name jayshri Cecilia thats my name but this was my moms old phone but i love you❤❤❤
22Kaitlyn Jury
22Kaitlyn Jury 2 maanden geleden
he said "2020 about to be crazy!" like I- thats true it was crazy
Dalu Nwamu
Dalu Nwamu 2 maanden geleden
Who's watching this in 2021?
Brooke Maswela
Brooke Maswela 2 maanden geleden
Nick: "This is going to be the craziest year" 2020-2021: Over 500,000 people have corona virus 🦠
0 Gaming
0 Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Its okay nick im rlly rlly skinny too :(
Hiren Bhakta
Hiren Bhakta 3 maanden geleden
Voni thats so many rings
Allya Charette
Allya Charette 3 maanden geleden
Ariana Grande
Josie Wiggett
Josie Wiggett 3 maanden geleden
who ales is watching this in 2021
laur2944 laur2944
laur2944 laur2944 3 maanden geleden
"2020 is gonna be the craziest year" Me in 2021- H-how did he know
Rozy Hernandez
Rozy Hernandez 3 maanden geleden
Nick saying his celebirty crush is Arianna Grande: No one: Madison Beer: >:)
Eve Burgess
Eve Burgess 3 maanden geleden
Watching this again in 2021. Nick: 2020 is going to be the best year. 2020: it was the worst year ever
Selena Juarez
Selena Juarez 3 maanden geleden
he's sweet and nice and adorable like he's so chill
Grace Teehee
Grace Teehee 3 maanden geleden
When he’s said he was going to be singled or the rest of his life Me: 😂💀 Madison beer!💀🤬
Shayanne Patterson
Shayanne Patterson 3 maanden geleden
Nick:Ariana hit different tho Me: facts🤣🤣🤣
money Z.
money Z. 3 maanden geleden
Its 1year this was posted omg years fly
khadija Mushtaq
khadija Mushtaq 3 maanden geleden
8 months ago ;)
rawan saad 2
rawan saad 2 3 maanden geleden
I think one of your friends was listening to be alright by dean lewis in the end
Olivia O’Brien
Olivia O’Brien 3 maanden geleden
Nick: “I am single, I will be for the rest of my life” Me: Not until he see’s me🥰
TRINITY VYGE 3 maanden geleden
Nick: can you get in the frame avani. avani: :) 3:11
Antonia serban iuliana
Antonia serban iuliana 3 maanden geleden
Walter is wett
lilyana callender
lilyana callender 3 maanden geleden
i thought your fav tv show series was spongebob lmao
Isabella_ Hi lol
Isabella_ Hi lol 4 maanden geleden
This was a year ago-
Dalia Ouellette
Dalia Ouellette 4 maanden geleden
Shawtie whats your name whats your number 😂😅🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅🤣😂😂😅😂😅😂😂😅😂😂😅😅😅😂😂🤣🤣😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂😂🤣
Dalia Ouellette
Dalia Ouellette 4 maanden geleden
Mine is full house
Rihanna Allen
Rihanna Allen 4 maanden geleden
people call me a popsicle stick and my friends want me to get fatter andthe boys cute❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
itsryerye 4 maanden geleden
Nick don’t be insecure ur perfect just the way u are 🥺 people that are hating on u cause of how skinny you are they can BLEEP off!!!! We love you so so so so soooo much always and forever💗
Shakeel Ahmed
Shakeel Ahmed 4 maanden geleden
The way he held avan’s hand
Nickxaustin editz
Nickxaustin editz 4 maanden geleden
I made a. Vid on nick Austin
Bell_sunflower_nursery 4 maanden geleden
Nick if your ever going on a plane there’s food
Jo Kabai
Jo Kabai 4 maanden geleden
11 months later... Me:that was a crazy year
ZOE SALAZAR 4 maanden geleden
I love you
styleshawty 4 maanden geleden
I didn't know you put our first kiss up here 🤣 your dad put up a photo of us
Lupita Leal
Lupita Leal 4 maanden geleden
Welcome to the single squad where we are all single like pringles
Jose Lovo Martinez
Jose Lovo Martinez 4 maanden geleden
I kissed my kindergarten teacher, talking about embarrassing.....
Arianas Family
Arianas Family 4 maanden geleden
Am I the only one who ships them
Beka Vlog
Beka Vlog 4 maanden geleden
Why am I watching this in December 7th?
Nick Fan
Nick Fan 5 maanden geleden
I’m going to be single for the rest of my life-Nick Austin.teddies:NOPE
Neveah Boulier
Neveah Boulier 5 maanden geleden
i love it
anum kashif
anum kashif 5 maanden geleden
Idek who to ship him with Tony like Or Avani comment😁
camorah wicks
camorah wicks 5 maanden geleden
no body: Chase: yoooo your pretty as shittttttttttt
julia skarbowski
julia skarbowski 5 maanden geleden
i miss this him and avani arent really closs anymore.. him amelie, avani and anthonyyy
Megan Cote
Megan Cote 5 maanden geleden
i knew water wasn’t wet!
zahra ramdjan
zahra ramdjan 5 maanden geleden
i love you
mm waad
mm waad 5 maanden geleden
What is this men name cause I saw him say to avani that his gf cheat on him ,??? Answer plz
Brooklyn Lewellen
Brooklyn Lewellen 5 maanden geleden
3:04 ummm...who’s gonna tell him
Sille Høeg
Sille Høeg 5 maanden geleden
Why do i love Nick so much😂💕
Isla Hillis
Isla Hillis 5 maanden geleden
nick: craziest year ever me: your fucking right
Iqbal Shahzad
Iqbal Shahzad 5 maanden geleden
Wait were they dating??
Kennedy Harris
Kennedy Harris 5 maanden geleden
Nick: that’s crazy Avani: that’s crazyyy nick: that’s crazy 3 seconds later chase:ThAtS cRaZy
Leighton Siebenaler
Leighton Siebenaler 5 maanden geleden
me watching this in November 2020
sunflowerdrizzle_ gamex101
sunflowerdrizzle_ gamex101 5 maanden geleden
Nick: sorry if my voice cracks im sick... 2020: Haha its not just u buddy cause i have covid...
Michael Dettore
Michael Dettore 5 maanden geleden
im a girl on my dads computor btw and nuck is hot though
Avery Dismuke
Avery Dismuke 5 maanden geleden
how many times did he say doe. please let me know
Aubrey 5 maanden geleden
Nick:what are you rating me rn 1 to sexy Avoni: shshhhhhshhhhhhe
Meghan Morse
Meghan Morse 5 maanden geleden
i got kissed in kinder
Mya Pacheco
Mya Pacheco 5 maanden geleden
Nick Austin
Mariza Valdobinos
Mariza Valdobinos 5 maanden geleden
Nick is soo CUTE!!!😍😍😘
Lie7 Sound
Lie7 Sound 5 maanden geleden
my uncle said he is going to lose weight and he got more weight to fat
Denisse Arauz
Denisse Arauz 5 maanden geleden
nick hitting one mill on jan 3 but now he has 9.2M
Bqtterflyx 5 maanden geleden
Nick: *only has foundation on* Also nick: *omg I look fire! Can they see the details :0*
Charlee Funes
Charlee Funes 5 maanden geleden
now he has nine millon
Sara Oskars
Sara Oskars 5 maanden geleden
Yes 2020 is the crazyiest year nick
Mahandra Persaud
Mahandra Persaud 6 maanden geleden
laur2944 laur2944
laur2944 laur2944 6 maanden geleden
me seeing this in october 2020 ....... Really
XxMelody_GachaxX ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
XxMelody_GachaxX ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 6 maanden geleden
Nick: I have a really bad fear of flying Avani: why tho? Nick: cause I've never been on an airplane I'm so scared Avani: I love flying Nick: you love flying? Avani: yeah cause the chance of the plane breaking is really high( completely ruining it for Nick) Nick: Are you serious? Avani: Nooo (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Brooke Playz
Brooke Playz 6 maanden geleden
Wow he’s so pretty
naliah1223 6 maanden geleden
who is you favorite person in prison break mine is Miller and Dominic
evyllin vivian
evyllin vivian 6 maanden geleden
I miss this hype
Well hello Cutie
Well hello Cutie 6 maanden geleden
Not the bayang💁🏾‍♀️
Sara Morales
Sara Morales 6 maanden geleden
I love this friendship
Nylon Gachas
Nylon Gachas 6 maanden geleden
His lashes are longer then Rapunzels hair
Nevaeh Dustyhorn
Nevaeh Dustyhorn 6 maanden geleden
Fuck that's cute
Marie Aragon
Marie Aragon 6 maanden geleden
i miss his brown hair
Catherine Shamel
Catherine Shamel 6 maanden geleden
nick's a soft girl.
Bonnie Hilaine
Bonnie Hilaine 6 maanden geleden
he honestly makes my gille so much phahahaha
Lolo Almasoud
Lolo Almasoud 6 maanden geleden
Avani : just look at me a second Me : o:
Peyton AR Haynes
Peyton AR Haynes 6 maanden geleden
2020 is gonna be the craziest year” - NICK AUSTIN....he predicted the future.
Karina Salguero
Karina Salguero 6 maanden geleden
1:05 the best moment
Amanda R
Amanda R 6 maanden geleden
He’s pretty pretty 🥺
Elizabeth Reyes
Elizabeth Reyes 6 maanden geleden
nick be with Addison Rae
Hey Lol
Hey Lol 7 maanden geleden
I ship them hard
Izabella Hughes
Izabella Hughes 7 maanden geleden
Ur not going to be single all ur life
Teddy_ Austin
Teddy_ Austin 7 maanden geleden
Nick is sooooo cute🥰🥵
Jessica Reviews
Jessica Reviews 7 maanden geleden
guys should rlly start wearing make up cuz damnn before she did the full glam that foundation actually looked fire
Annabel Van de Kraats
Annabel Van de Kraats 7 maanden geleden
Nick:o'm worried too by to skinny me:im being worried about i look more end more like a fat monster
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